Day 4

Today was a difficult run day. I was not into it- so tired and I had so much to do. I grabbed Gambit and we left for a quick run after dinner. It was not my best idea, but I’m glad I did it. I knew I would feel much worse if I had to admit defeat and fail my streak goal.

Hopefully it will get easier and I will be better prepared next week — I just have to survive through Friday. And get a car. Ha.


Day 3

I had one hell of a day yesterday that began with my car’s failure to start. Turns out the mighty Seabiscuit, a 1995 Toyota Corolla that has almost literally been through hell and high water with me, is done. 😦 The alternator is kaput, and that repair alongside his massive oil leak and power steering leak is enough to warrant the end. I had intended on running after teaching my morning class, but that time was spent getting home from the auto shop and working out a plan to get to my nursing classes. I ended up using Uber to get to and from school. My day ended with a bike ride to teach my evening lessons.

I had the looming thought of “the streak, the streak!” so despite my headache, I rode home, grabbed Gambit and my iPod, and we went for a run. The run didn’t do much for my headache, but it did relieve some stress and I was able to smile at Gambit’s little grin as we ran our intervals. They say you never regret a run, and I’m glad I got through this one.

Day 3 down.

Day 2

Day 2
20140816_102511 I decided to take a running buddy with me today because I chose another interval running pattern and it was beautiful outside. My dog, Gambit, is a great runner! He always looks like he is smiling. We did easy running intervals for 1.5 miles and I am proud to report zero pain or soreness.

While I won’t be able to take Gambit every day, I think I’ll resolve to take him on short days or days that I’m not feeling 100 % into it. He’s good company and motivation!

Day 2 in the books!

Day 1

bid-me-run Day 1

This was a relatively uneventful run. We had ridiculous weather here in Houston today. I can only imagine what the marathon runners felt like this morning. Eeeew.

I ran yesterday, but today I used a preset running podcast so that I was running short intervals with rest breaks in between. I do not want to revisit an old injury, so this is the best way that I can come up with reaching my goal and staying healthy.

It’s done and in the books, so to speak. Yay!

24 Things Running Taught Me

In honor of my current Streak attempt, I’ve decided to share an entry from my first running journal. Notice that I berate myself for not finishing my journal entries as well… SIGH. One step at a time!

July 6th, 2014

Found my old journal! I’m sad to see I didn’t continue writing through Oct 27th for my first half marathon. I’m happy to report that I completed it in 2:06 and I ran the ENTIRE WAY. I remember it like it was yesterday: The race was delayed an hour and a half because of a thunderstorm and it continued to rain on us the entire time. My shoes were heavy and soaked but we all pushed through. I’ve never been more proud of an athletic accomplishment. 

It’s weird, chronicling my running journey was so important to me, but after my half marathon I put my journal down and quit writing as if I didn’t need it anymore. Yet, here I am, once again, returning to the page. I never stopped running, and I’ve managed to keep my weight off plus a few extra pounds (currently 117 lbs) but I have majorly slacked off from mileage and  all but halted strength training. I KNOW. Terrible. So, its been almost a year, and rather than beat myself up over not writing this journal I’d like to list a few things I’ve learned from running these past several months. 

1. Running really did change my life. Because I’ve continued to run, I’ve kept my weight off and really feel much healthier and happier.

2. I’ve read Dean Karnaze’s book and I’d love to run an ultra someday. Also — it’s about consistency, good fuel, and understanding friends and family.

3. If you stop weight/strength training it’s REALLY hard to get back in it. 

4. Same goes for yoga. And I should know better. 

5. I run better when I’ve eaten 2.5- 3 hours before the run.

6. I don’t need half of the fuel I was originally training with. Clif bloks and water carried me through the half marathon and then some. Also, I raced on 3.5 hours of sleep after a late Friday night football game, Saturday marching band contest, and 1.5 hour bad weather race delay.

7. Imagine my next 13.1 without those conditions!!

8. I prefer to run alone, but love a good conversation about running. 

9. My family and friends will never truly understand why I do this.

10. Keep information about my runs to non-runners brief: they ask because they are trying to be polite, but they really don’t care about my runs.

11. A GPS watch is a thing of beauty– and the #1 reason I stopped checking in to DailyMile for 4 months. It doesn’t sync!!

12. I can run after drinking beer, but not wine. 

13. ^ HA!

14. Running after eating spring rolls does not feel good. At all.

15. Stretching after a run is getting more difficult to commit to.

16. My back does hurt a little more than before … ^ ? (I know. More yoga.)

17. I envy my dog’s bursts of speed. And I love watching him run. Oh yeah, I got a dog for Christmas. His name is Gambit and I can’t imagine life without him now.

18. I still prefer to run with my iPod, even though the zombie run app on my phone (yeah, finally took the plunge and got a smart phone) is a guilty pleasure.

19.A BUFF is the single greatest invention for athletes EVER. Seriously, no sweat in my eyes. Never. Hair is never in my face. Freakin’ brilliant piece of material.

20. I have calf muscles! My legs look awesome in heels. 🙂

21. Still need to develop some visible abs….

22. A day without a little peanut butter is unimaginable. 

23. I can’t wait to run a marathon. 

24. I am stronger than I ever thought possible. Can’t wait to improve!

Look at hopeful little me! Here’s to finding that girl again.





Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week: ‘I Want to Believe’

If you haven’t read ‘Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out’, you need to cancel everything for the next several hours. Grab some coffee, some snacks, tissues (not for crying, but for wiping tears of laughter), and tuck in. Do it. Do it now.

Kelly, I have missed you SO MUCH! January is here!!!!

With love, a fellow Phile.


I’ve never been so conflicted.

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