Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week: ‘I Want to Believe’

If you haven’t read ‘Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out’, you need to cancel everything for the next several hours. Grab some coffee, some snacks, tissues (not for crying, but for wiping tears of laughter), and tuck in. Do it. Do it now.

Kelly, I have missed you SO MUCH! January is here!!!!

With love, a fellow Phile.


I’ve never been so conflicted.

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I teach music in Houston, Texas. I’ve got some extra time this summer, so I’m making good on a goal to do something that I’ve never done before. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a blog, and the X Files revival was the excuse I needed to begin. If you love the show, if you’re head-over-heels for Mulder and Scully, and if you’ve always believed they’re the light in the dark places, we can be friends.

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– River

A Shout-Out and A MSR Shipper’s Apology

Hello All!

Before I begin, allow me this small indulgence: My blog is more than a little inspired by the gem that is TVMouse. If you haven’t read her “Times Mulder and Scully Should have Made Out This Week”, you haven’t lived yet. I’ll warn you: Don’t start reading it if you plan on doing anything else with your day. Her blog consumed me entirely for about 36 hours. I laughed out loud — literally LOLed — more times than I can count. Prepare to giggle and smile uncontrollably! Also, prepare yourself for some profound and insightful revelations from an X-Files Newbie. She gets it, y’all! Check it out here: Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out

I don’t intend to copy her totally, but I like the way she formats her blogs, and I needed a place to start. I’m sure I’ll find my own path soon, but until then I adhere to the notion that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and I am a MAJOR fan of hers. You can follow her on Twitter at @theTVMouse. Did I mention she’s amazing?  Kelly, if you ever read this, know that your posts make me smile and laugh every day! Thank you for being such a gift to the X-Files community.

Here we go…

I must begin with an apology. I’m only going to say this once, so refer back to this if you start to get annoyed later. I was a HUGE MSR shipper back when I was watching the X-Files on Sunday nights during my teenage years. I was on the floor on several different occasions because of what these two did to me — I’m looking at you, seasons 4-7. I nearly broke my VCR’s rewind capabilities at the end of “The Post Modern Prometheus.”

**On the floor.**

**On the floor.**

Oh, and don’t even get me started on  “Triangle.”

**On the Floor, grinning like an idiot**

**Two feet from the TV screen, trying to remember how to breathe**

Yes, VCR. Shut up or nod your head with me because you were doing the same thing back then.

I was acutely aware of every single exchange between these two — especially the physical touching and the GAZING. For those of you who have trouble understanding this, when you wait 7 seasons for any kind of momentum toward a romance, you catch EVERYTHING because it’s the only way you can go on living until the next episode. 7 days later. Then you get on AOL forums and talk about it with the other shippers. Keep nodding your head, those of you 25 years and older.

Netflix is a damn gift, ladies and gentlemen.

All of this to say, I still catch everything between the two of them because it’s part of my X-Files viewing DNA. I can’t help myself. I know Chris Carter fought it for as long as he could, (though I still believe him to have been a closet shipper all this time) but the chemistry between David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson was not of this earth FROM THE BEGINNING — quite literally, the pilot episode. The incredible writing helped too, but let’s face it, these two are cosmically-linked. Accept it, sit back, and enjoy the ride. I am going to try and be mature about this, but if I sound like a 14 year old girl throughout many of these recaps, it’s because I never really put her to rest. She resurfaces whenever Mulder and Scully are on the screen (or in print) together. I’m sorry. I was, and am, a shipper.

**funny note: I mentioned to some of my students a while ago that I “shipped” something. They immediately responded with the equivalent of “OMG. You know what shipping is?” Apparently, they ship some YouTube people. Whatever that means.  I promptly replied, “Kids, Please. I was one of the original shippers of a TV show. We coined that phrase for you. You’re welcome.”   I was gifted with looks of utter confusion when I left them without further explanation,  but they’re not ready for Mulder and Scully. Kids today just aren’t ready.

I digress. If you’re still with me, or shaking your head at the state of education today, we can be friends. Join me in my madness, and let’s watch the X-Files together!

Mulder and Scully are the Truth.

-River T. Leaman